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Landgeflügel FG Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
Im Industriepark 1
D-49733 Haren
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Fax: 0049 5932 9975-500

Registered offices: Haren
Registration number: HRB 204303
Register court: Amtsgericht Osnabrück

Managing directors:
Franz-Josef Rothkötter und
Wilfried Fleming
Frans Takken

VAT No. DE272505111

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Legal notice
This internet site is operated by Emsland Frischgeflügel GmbH.
This legal notice refers to use of our website.

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Other use actions are prohibited. This especially applies to changing and editing of the content or parts thereof.
By using our websites, you accept the currently relevant legal notice.
An infringement of the provisions of this legal notice obligate you to refrain from doing so and correcting the consequences. We reserve the right to make further claims, in particular, to claim compensation.

  • Industrial property rights

The content accessible on our websites is copyright protected. This applies in particular to the content structure as well as the texts, photos and video files.

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Here you can find our human rights strategy: Link to file

Information on human rights or environmental risks and violations

The Rothkötter Group and its companies are committed to comply with the legal positions according to §2 of the Supply Chain Sourcing Obligations Act and also expect this from their direct suppliers.

If you wish to report indications of human rights and environmental risks or violations of human rights or environmental obligations caused by the economic actions of a company in our business area or at a direct supplier, you can leave a message on the following platform. This message can be anonymized or personalized with your selected data. You will receive access data with which you can log on to the platform. You will not suffer any disadvantages by using the complaint procedure, even if you decide to submit the message in a personalized way.

Link to the complaints platform

We will receive your tip within a few days and confirm receipt. We will then process the tip confidentially and impartially. The tip can be discussed further with our team via the platform. In the event of an actual risk or violation, our compliance committee will develop measures and concepts to minimize the risk or lead to a cessation of the violations. Our complaint procedure is reviewed for effectiveness and improved annually and after significant changes in the risk situation in our business area or with direct suppliers.