Project Description

A chicken is what it eats

In-house laboratory analysis

The entire mixed feed production process is subjected to strict controls and inspections regarding hygiene, unwanted substances, microbiological quality and transport. All process steps are analysed, evaluated and preventatively controlled in the HACCP system.

When it comes to hygiene, above all, regularly cleaning of all parts of the facilities is important; from the raw materials storage units to the production line through to the delivery silo vehicles.

Raw materials sampling system

Regular raw materials, product and process controls in the form of technical, chemical and microbiological analyses are required by in-house and external laboratories to prevent unwanted substances. This also includes supplier assessments, the supply of certificates and cooperation with recognised carriers.

German Feedstuffs Law – “Futtermittelgesetz”

In-process controls

HACCP means preventive risk management. Control points are defined, at which appropriate measures are taken to eliminate risks or to reduce them to an acceptable minimum.