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What else you should know

  • Official veterinaries of the respective local authorities inspect the animals before they are slaughtered and only release them for slaughtering if all the veterinary legal requirements are met.
  • Each flock slaughtered by us is examined for antibiotically active residues, so-called inhibitors. All tests performed in recent years were negative, i.e. no inhibitors were found.
  • In October 2010, 19 chicken breasts were examined by the German consumer association, “Stiftung Warentest”. 17 products were rated “very good” with regard to residues (contaminants).
  • We continuously minimise use of medication in farming by constantly improving the rearing and production conditions.


Each week, more than 1000 samples are taken and 15 different parameters are examined, in order to monitor our high quality standard. The quality assurance department currently consists of a team of more than 20 employees.

If you have any questions about the quality or production process of our products, please contact our quality assurance department or send an e-mail to

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