Project Description

Eating better safely

Control stations of the veterinary inspection office

No flock is slaughtered without a health certificate issued by the competent veterinary inspection office of the respective local authority. The official meat inspection is also carried out at several stations by employees of the veterinary inspection office. Each flock is also tested for residues by various external test laboratories.

The test reports used since our start-up in 2003 look like this:


Multi-stage container washing facility

After the chickens have been unloaded, the transport containers are cleaned and disinfected in several steps, and are then ready for the next transport.

Truck cleaning

No truck leaves the slaughterhouse without being cleaned and disinfected between trips.

Cleaning employees lathering the equipment

All parts of the plant are cleaned and disinfected daily. The quality of the cleaning is checked by regular microbiological tests.

Room temperature monitoring overview

The product and room temperature are continuously monitored, to ensure continuous maintenance of the cold chain.

Employees in the hygiene sluice

Strict regulations for all employees and regular training ensure the best possible hygienic conditions.