Project Description

Good work

Producing food is one of the most responsible jobs in the world, because it is one of the most responsible. More than 4000 people work on this task within the Rothkötter group of companies.

Performance-related payment, equal opportunities, company health management and maximum safety at the workplace are regarded as being a matter of course by us. We also encourage our employees to use their own initiative by taking up and rewarding health-conscious behaviour and useful suggestions for improving the operating results.

As we aim to provide permanent employment relationships, we do not offer employment on the basis of a limited term contract for work. We naturally also invest in our employees’ company pension scheme.

Health and safety

By performing hazard analyses at each workplace and by regularly instructing our employees in safety issues, we ensure safety at each workplace. Together with our employees and machine manufacturers, we work on optimising the basic technical, organisational and personnel conditions and therefore to make the work easier or to ensure safety.

Since December 2010, our health and safety management system has been certified by the meat industry insurance association (“Fleischerei Berufsgenossenschaft”) (now called BGN).

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Company health management

In 2008, working together with the AOK health insurance fund, we introduced a company health management scheme (BGM). The aim is to actively promote the health and well-being of our employees. We offer courses and health days or reward participation in health-promoting measures within the scope of a bonus system. Anyone who regularly takes part in health promotion campaigns receives a bonus of up to 200 euros a year. These include, for example, vaccination campaigns, use of an entry ticket for the local swimming pool, which we provide our employees free of charge, or regular visits to fitness studios. We also check that we are providing the right measures, for example, through regular employee surveys.


We provide training for a large number of careers and offer long-term career prospects for: Industrial clerks, industrial mechanics, skilled warehouse logistics workers, skilled food technology workers, process engineering technicians in the milling and feedstuff industry (miller), professional drivers, animal husbandry workers and industrial engineers, graduate business IT scientists (sandwich courses).

Young people who have successfully trained with us are offered permanent employment wherever possible.


CPD and careers

All our employees are given the opportunity to take part in in-house and external qualification measures. In this way, we offer our employees the opportunity to qualify for new tasks and to continually develop their vocational and professional skills. Apart from special seminars for managers and experts, we also provide, for example, courses for foreign employees with little knowledge of German.

Good ideas pay

Useful ideas from employees are picked up by us and rewarded within the scope of our company suggestions system “top tips”. In this way we give our employees the opportunity to contribute to improvement of the operating result themselves. Whether they submit specific suggestions for optimising individual processes or point out possible errors and submit recommendations on how to prevent them. As the entire company ultimately profits from employees’ ideas, suggestions implemented are appropriately rewarded by us.

Work-life balance

Combining a family and career, called work-life balance, is very important within our company. Adapted working hours for young mothers and flexible handling of extended maternity or paternity leave are no problem whatsoever for us. We are pleased to enable employees who would like to take a “sabbatical” for a lengthy period to achieve this, provided it is possible without major negative effects on the company’s day to day operations.

Company child day-care centre
“Küken & Friends”

With our own company child day-care centre “Küken & Friends” we offer a care option for pre-school children aged between six months and six years. The offer is directed at all our employees, although companies in the surrounding area can also use the day-care centre for their employees. The innovative concept ensures the best care and development options for all children. The flexible booking times helps all employees to combine a family and career, i.e. to achieve a work-life balance.

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