Project Description

How is a hatching egg handled?

Visual incoming inspection

On arrival in the hatchery the egg shell is disinfected, in order to prevent infection risks caused by dirt. Each delivery is then visually inspected and unhatchable eggs are removed.

Pre-incubation storage

Optimum development conditions are achieved through automated control and monitoring systems: Temperature, humidity and air change rates are the determining factors.

Hygiene sluices for employees

Extremely strict hygiene guidelines for employees, spatial separation of different work areas, and daily cleaning and disinfection of the production facilities are mandatory.

Sampling chick dust

The effectiveness of our hygiene measures is supported and monitored by regular microbiological tests and analyses. The personnel, process, eggs and chicks are continuously under the microscope. This involves contact spotting (taking samples on adhesive film) of the employees’ hands and parts of the equipment as well as examining dust, waste and chick droppings samples.