Project Description

Product development

The trend towards fresh chicken meat, which is sold cut, portioned, seasoned and fix weight packed is unbroken. The development of innovative, contemporary and competitive products is the central task of our product development team. Our objective is to implement product ideas and at the same time to anticipate social, health and technological aspects. In order to recognise trends and new eating habits early, we use national and international product scouting.

Product development requires close collaboration between our various functional departments:

  • the quality assurance department, which constantly orders microbiological reports, undertakes nutritional value analyses, checks lists of ingredients, checks food legislation issues or performs sensory tests,
  • the engineering and packaging department, which checks the implementation, from the small technical scale through to large industrial production scale,
  • and the marketing experts, who are in intensive dialogue with our customers and who analyse and assess the customer needs and product benefits.