The word innovation comes from the Latin verb innovare and means to renew. This simply describes what innovations are about. First, analyses and studies of the current situation are carried out in advance. The findings from these are collated and evaluated.

The decisions derived from this can then either lead to new techniques and technologies, or familiar techniques and technologies can be re-used. In both cases, we renew. We consider innovation to be a decisive key to success and competitiveness. It is not necessary to continuously re-invent the wheel; however, it is important to move forward with the help of the wheel. Within the Rothkötter Group, innovations are definitely one of the factors that have led to our competitive and sustainable market position.

Our considerations are focused on improving quality and increasing efficiency. Although consumer protection, health and safety at work, animal welfare and environmental protection are also important elements. It is sometimes small things that have large effects, such as the suggestions of our employees within the scope of the “Top Tip” scheme. Sometimes it is new scientific findings or developments, which arise through intensive exchange with machine manufacturers.